New road connection with an overpass Brezje

We have concluded work on the project:
Road connection with an overpass Brezje over the railway track Ljubljana – Metlika, with connection to an existing regional road R3-646/1444 Cikava – Grosuplje.

Grosuplje, 9 November 2018

The project contains, a road connection of a length of 412 m, with the portal for pedestrians and cyclists on both sides (total width of the road is 13,9 m), roundabout with a diameter of 36 m and an overpass Brezje over the railway, which is a monolithic frame construction, with a length of 45 m and with individual range between supports from 14 to 16 m, without dilatations.

Duration of the project, from the acquiring of the regulation on national spatial plan, on 3.12.2015, until handing over the project to actual use, on 9.11.2018.

The full range of consulting engineering, which consisted of the following work fazes:

- Cooperation at the acquirement of the regulation on national spatial plan
- Acquiring of the investment documentation: Project Identification Fiche (DIIP), pre-feasibility study (PIZ),
  Feasibility study (IP)
- Cooperation and supervision at the designing process: IP, PGD, PZI, PID
- Supervision over the archeological work
- Monitoring of the planning, drilling boreholes and designing
- Supervision over the whole construction and communal work (waste sewerage, water supply,
  public lighting, SN line, electricity, hot water line, TK line, KKS line, SVTK and gas),
  traffic equipment and architectural arrangement.


Photograph: Boris Moškon, BM Promedia

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