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Receiving recognition, at the 14th Congress DRC on transport and transport infrastructure.

At the 14th Congress DRC on transport and transport infrastructure 2018, mag. Slovenko Henigman received a recognition for top achievements at the organization and management of the Slovenian Asphalt Pavement Association (ZAS).

Portorož, Slovenia, 24 - 26 October 2018


After receiving of the recognition Slovenko Henigman (in the picture, on the left) has in his speech pointed out the following:

»I would like to thank the commission, for the reward, which I understand as an acknowledgment to the professional work that has been done so far and to the connectivity with the civil sphere, because both are inextricably linked in my case.

I have evolved and matured, during the Slovenian highway program, that lasted for 15 years. Like someone said »war at peace, as far as work is concerned« and we did a lot of work. As a manager for asphalt, I have been the initiator for the establishment of ZAS (Slovenian Asphalt Pavement Association), which was after long preparations, established in 1996.
We have established a solid foundation with work on technical regulations, training and education and with international cooperation.
The most important part of the association are their members, natural and legal persons. ZAS is one of the leading associations in Europe, which envelops the entire production in the country. Our members are natural and legal persons from five different countries. ZAS is through EAPA a part of the asphalt family. Without the active members, who are actively engaged and they devote their own free time and many more, it would not be possible. There was a lot of active members and supporters, lets mention a few: Marjan Makovec, Aleksander Kerstein in Borut Willenpart, which is also a long-time member of management board ZAS. A lot of others, also had an important role, in ZAS 22-year operation, for example: DRI managements, where I was employed most of my career, who strongly supported this activity.

ZAS strength was best shown during the deep crisis, which marked our civil engineering sector. Unfortunately, most of the companies had no chance, that is why 23 out of 30 biggest companies collapsed. A lot of people lost their jobs and mutual relations were broke. I ask myself, did we learn enough, so it would not happen again? I estimate that we need to take care of the industry ourselves, others will not do our job. For this reason, the Golden Infrastructure Investment Rule (ZIIP) was proposed from my side, we established the Academy of Construction Investments and the Strategic Council for Investments and civil engineering, all at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, which should help to raise awareness and establish a more robust environment, that the collapse of the civil engineering industry is not repeated and that a better and more efficient investment environment is established.

Luckily, now we have an expansion, which is the right time to set up new foundations and to establish a positive environment for mutual relations. Let’s take advantage of this time!

Once again, I thank the commission for the award.

I wish to you a lot of professional insights and a pleasant gathering at the Congress.«

See also a presentation video:


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