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• Road infrastructure in Danube region in cooperation with ministry for infrastructure >
  Study was made in 2018

Consulting engineering and supervision of the project: connection road with an overpass Brezje over the
  railroad Ljubljana – Metlika, with the connection to an existing connection
on a regional road
  R3-646/1444 Cikava – Grosuplje (2018).

Supervision over the water management arrangement of the arrester to the stream Bičje (2018).

Dimensioning of pavement structures on sections of motorways, state and regional roads (2018).

Implementation plans for renovation of pavement structures in the length of 12 kilometers (2018).

Arrangement of the overpass and connection road at the area of Taborska cesta in Grosuplje
  Plan IDZ – conceptual design (June 2017)

Review of the translation of the standard "SIST EN 16310: 2013 - Engineering services -
  terms to describe the engineering services for buildings, infrastructure and industrial capacity",

  the client IZS, Slovenian Chamber of Engineers..

Management and organization of more than 60 medium and large expert conferences
  with international participation and more than 10,000 participants

Conducting activities in the development and implementation of new technological processes:

Amendment PTP – Solving the problem of double twisted area on surfaces with using drainage asphalt


Use of cement concrete on the slow traffic lanes of highways


Asphalt mixtures on bridge structures

      Addendum PTP, which says:
         -MA on objects up to 30 m
         -AC on objects between 30 and 100 m
         -SMA on objects of 100 m

• Preparation of the program for introducing new approaches on the field of control and installment
  of asphalt mixes on motorways and highways. Professional task, july 2015 >

A system for ensuring quality control and technical regulations at construction of traffic
  infrastructure projects (2012) >

Management and preparation of technical regulations in the field of transport infrastructure
  (recommendations, instructions, guidelines, standards, ...)

Preparation of programs for quality control and preparation of technological elaborates

Issuing professional publications and presentation materials

Expert opinions, elaborations, report

Publishing in peer-reviewed journals and proceedings

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