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Professional assignments

  • Market and financial analyses
  • Processing claims due to changed prices
  • Investment documentation
  • Studies and essays
  • Expert opinions

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Management of professional associations

  • Organizational and business activities
  • Development
  • Implementation of highly professional events
  • International cooperation

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International projects

  • Consulting in the procurement of modern technological equipment (asphalt plants, laboratories, mechanization, …)
  • Optimizing the organization of companies
  • Digitalization

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  • Technological innovations
  • Business process upgrades
  • Coaching

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Our latest news

Use permit – Kindergarten in Bohinjska Bistrica

In Bohinjska Bistica, we have successfully completed the supervision of the construction of a new kindergarten, which, due to its alpine design, is called "Domačija"....

Interview with the director – Industry teaches industry

In the latest issue of the Glas gospodarstva magazine, an extensive interview with director Slovenko Henigman entitled “Industrija uči industrijo” is...

Technical inspection of the Rodik overpass

Kozina. Successful technical inspection of the Rodik overpass, Hrpelje - Kozina municipality. A use permit is expected to be issued in the spring.

Family house

Obtained a use permit for a family house in Ljubljana.

Academy of Construction Investment – 5 years of existence

Academy of Construction Investment (AGI) celebrated 5 years of existence. In honor of this achievement, a celebratory event took place, where we actively participated.

Roads are not being built
as a result of the prosperity of the nation,
but the roads are those
which create its prosperity.

John F. Kennedy

You are never alone on the road

Through villages and valleys,
in the middle of cities and everywhere
winding white roads,
which are overflowing with children.
When they rush to kindergarten, to school,
when they are in a hurry to get home
beware beware, every driver
to these tiny people.

Adi Smolar

I have learned in life
that people will forget what you said
they will also forget what you did
but they will never forget
how they felt around you.

Maya Angelou

SLOMAN Company

A dynamic company

We are involved in all phases of the investment process, from the idea to the completion of the work and monitoring during the warranty period.

Consulting engineering for all phases of infrastructure projects

Creation of conceptual and executive plans for infrastructure

Production of expert opinions, elaborates, studies and demanding design of pavement structures

Management of professional associations and international projects


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Opinions of our clients and partners

The company Sloman, d.o.o. is a trusted partner with outstanding international and domestic references. Their principles of commitment to the profession and independence are what give the company the highest possible rating. They are an example of good practice.

Edo Škufca
CGP d.d.

Slovenko Henigman has been the director of a small but very agile association at the Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia for many years – Association of Consulting Engineering. He introduced many new approaches based on collaboration. He connected the wider industry both through the Strategic Council for Investments and Construction, which I chaired for a while, and through the extremely well-attended Academy for Construction and Investments, which accelerated the renewal of knowledge that was affected in the previous financial and economic crisis. In his work, Slovenko looks for opportunities for advanced cooperation that benefits all participants, thus leaving a big mark on the development of not only consulting engineering but the entire construction profession.

Sonja Šmuc

Sloman d.o.o. is distinguished by a highly professional, motivated, and dedicated staff, and long-term experience and fresh energy result in an innovative and professional company. The company’s qualities, which we have recognized over the years of cooperation, are above all high responsiveness, the courage to accept new challenges and the successful achievement of set goals. The company operates and develops in a wide spectrum of the construction industry both domestic and abroad.

For our community, the company Sloman d.o.o. is of considerable importance. We are convinced that, with the adopted policy, it will also be an important factor in the Slovenian construction space in the future.

Janez Prosen
IGMAT d.d.

»My personal and business opinion of the SLOMAN company is very positive. With a combination of experience and youth, the company operates sovereignly in the field of the construction profession in Slovenia.

With excellent knowledge, a correct business attitude and a high level of emotional intelligence and communication skills, SLOMAN is a guarantee for a good and successful result.«

Urban Žigante


The greatest satisfaction at work is working with professionally trained colleagues and partners of SLOMAN d.o.o. By exchanging experiences, thoughts and opinions and being confirmed by such a colleague, you also confirm your expertise and the correctness of your findings. I wish for continued excellent cooperation and success in the spirit of professionalism of our construction profession.

Zlatko Murko

With the company Sloman d.o.o. I have been successfully doing business in the field of multimedia since 2014. The experience of the management and the youthful innovation and energy of the team gives the company an excellent basis for carrying out work. I appreciate their decision to cooperate in the multimedia field, as they take care of their promotion and archival documentation of completed projects.

Boris Moškon

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