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A permanent team of five employees which occasionally expands to 50 or more experts from various fields.

Expert contributions

Contributions, reports, awards and prizes

Presentation of 25 years of SMA in Slovenia
eSeMA 2020 International Conference, Arłamów, Poland, 30 January 2020

Construction Investment Academy – School of implementation and management of investment processes and constructions
Initiator: mag. Slovenko Henigman, chairman of the AGI program council and lecturer

21. training of technical asphalt personnel
Presentation at ZAG, Ljubljana, 15. and 16 March, 2017

Construction of the highway program in the Republic of Slovenia
Presentation at the conference entitled “Road infrastructure of tomorrow”, Bucharest, Romania, 4. October 2016

The “golden rule” of investing in transport infrastructure
Expert consultation: Consulting engineering and its role in the investment process, GZS, 2. October 2015

Construction and maintenance of transport infrastructure in Slovenia – where are we and where are we going?
Presentation at the 12th Slovenian Congress on Roads and Transport, Portorož, 22-23 April 2015

The impact of the construction of future transport infrastructure projects in Slovenia
Paper for the professional conference Infrakon 2014, Ljubljana, 12 November 2014

Construction of future transport infrastructure projects in Slovenia – development opportunity or development necessity?
Professional conference Infrakon 2014, Ljubljana, 12 November 2014

The role of supervision in the construction of carriageway structures and presentation of conclusions 14. Colloquium on asphalts and bituminous
Department for expert consultation ZAS: Vehicle constructions, 17. April 2014

We are building the project permanently: the port of Hamburg and a view of the development possibilities of the port of Luka Koper
Presentation at internal training, DRI, 14. November 2013

Transport infrastructure development program
Presentation at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Space, DRI, 18. June 2013

Workshop on dimensioning of carriageway structures – management of the ZAS-OMV event:
Introductory address and presentation of the current situation and proposals for the future.
Plaza Hotel Ljubljana, 15 November 2012

Expert contributions

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Metod DiBatista – Investments in Slovenia
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